Prototipi: ABT Sportsline Audi RS6-E 1000 Avant (Koncepti)

Now he is “released”! Tradition tuner ABT Sportsline has just released the Audi RS6-E (E1000) huge strained to torture. Now the time has come and ABT has presented the prototype. The important things first: from 1,018 HP and 1,291 Nm maximum torque! Bäähm. Okay – it’s a prototype, anyway. That’s the next generation tuning – definitely. The V8 Biturbo in combination with an electric motor, This puts you on a par with Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1 or even a Honda NSX. Only with the difference that just mentioned, especially with regard to the NSX, have much less power.

Specifically, the tuner naturally achieves the power increase with the already familiar components in the form of a complete exhaust system including pre-muffler replacement pipes, a new engine control unit and modifications to the cooling of the engine. The RS6-E 1000 is now equipped with an additional 288 hp and 317 Nm torque. However, the technology also brings 255 kg extra weight with it so that the RS6 brings now a handsome 2205 kilograms on the scales. The e-motor draws its power from a battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh. It should enable 15 boosts and is installed in the trunk.

75 percent accelerator pedal operation and 100 km / h and only in the last five gears of the 8-gear automatic. The background is just that with 1,300 NM and the throttle would start disassembling the car into its components. Understandable! Surprisingly, despite the extra weight compared to the RS6-R in the sprint to 100 km / h, supposedly nothing changes (3.3 sec). The extra performance at intermediate sprints and, of course, speeds over 100 km / h are shown to advantage. Unfortunately, ABT does not give any exact data. Just an indication that a top speed of 320 km / h is easily achieved.

But we think we can recognize that it has gone from 115 km / h to about 290 km / h in 19 seconds. If you calculate 5 seconds on top for the sprint on 100 km / h + the remaining 10 km / h on 300 then the E 1000 should need about 24 seconds on 300 km / h. That would be better than the standard RS6-R and a hybrid difference. ” Air intakes in the bumper, right and left fender inserts, sill caps, a roof spoiler, a sporty diffuser and side bumper on the rear bumper The Type ABT GR is mounted in 21 hey at the RS6 + PROJECT PHOENIX by Jon Olsson.

The built-in H & R coilover kit ensures that the wheelset is consistently placed in the wheel arch and the body is lowered in the direction of the road. The most frequently mentioned feature is the foil, which should be reminded of a circuit board design. Clearly, the Abt Sportsline RS6-E 1000 is a prototype, but definitely shows where the journey will go in the next few years. ABT Sportsline currently open. If we receive timely information about us, we will update you, as always, to update for this report. It’s a good idea to get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: ABT Sportsline GmbH) These are the details of the ABT RS6-E Concept: Base: RS6 Avant Performance Power increase 735 920 PS & Nm of torque (eg chip tuning) additional electric motor with 288 hp and 317 Nm torque (installed on the cardan shaft) 0-300 km / h in approx. 24 sec, 100-200 km / h in approx. 5-6 sec., 100-250 km / h in approx. 10 sec. Total weight of 2205 kilograms Emergency button Fender inserts, sills approaches, roof spoiler, diffuser, side approaches the rear bumper), aerodynamic components made of carbon (front spoiler, air intakes in the bumper, front flaps) Interior with green interior trim / moldings Full foil in the design of circuit boards Stainless steel sports exhaust system with 4 tailpipes GR ABT Sportsline Alloy Wheels (ABT Aerorad in 21 inch with attached ring from the formula E including foiling) H & R coilover suspension (lowering the chassis of this vehicle to the limit)

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